Time to Change My Donation Habits at Christmas – Disney Must Not Win

For quite a few years now, part of my Christmas charity plan has been buying gifts for an underprivileged child from the “Angels Anonymous” tree at Dairy Queen (you choose a child to buy for, buy a gift, and bring it unwrapped to the Dairy Queen). I went to the toy store today to do my annual shop, and I think I’m going to have to change my charitable habit – I find it odious to give money to the Disney corporation, and the vast majority of toys available for kids are Disney-related (especially the toys for little girls).

Why don’t I want to give Disney my money, you ask? Well, for one thing, I don’t like the role models they present for girls. I don’t have a lot of fondness for any corporation that has a monopoly (and Disney is awfully close to having a monopoly on kids’ movies and toys), and I’m not a big fan of anyone consuming vast mountains of cheap Chinese-made crap, and don’t want to contribute to kids knowing nothing else in their life except plastic junk with a Disney “Princess” stamped on it somewhere.

I’m always torn at Christmas, when I want to buy something for a child that they will really appreciate and enjoy, but on the other hand, I don’t want to compromise my principles and give money to a corporation I don’t support. I think I’m going to opt out in the future – I think this is the  last year I will participate in this particular charitable event. I think in the future, my donation money will simply go to a charity, and if they choose to buy all kinds of Disney plastic for kids, I won’t know about it and my conscience will be clear.

Some more food for thought:

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2 thoughts on “Time to Change My Donation Habits at Christmas – Disney Must Not Win

  1. You have every right to dislike Disney if you want, but realize two things: 1. Disney is only “close to having a monopoly” because of their great success. They have achieved what every company in the world aspires to. They are raking in tons of money – do you really expect them to change what they’re doing to increase competition? 2. Disney certainly does not hold the monopoly on cheap plastic toys.


    • Thanks for the read and the comment, Graeme. You’re certainly not wrong about either point; I’m not a fan of the North American culture of consumerism, and Disney is kind of the face of consumerism for kids, in my opinion.


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